Luton – Time To End This Animosity

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We still have no further updates on the health of the stricken Luton supporter, Brian Rourke, all we can do is continue to pray for the gentleman.

However, hopefully, we can defuse the tension that has been building up between QPR fans and ourselves.

The two clubs have a long history of clashes, off the pitch, hopefully this awful incident will bring an end to the ongoing clashes and drag this fixture into the 21st century, the last thing we need is thoughts of retribution when the two clubs meet later in the season.

In instances like this, it is too easy to tar everybody with the same bush, but surfing the social media sites, it is cleat to see that is not the case, as the following messages prove, with the first post coming from QPR FC:

The above are just a few left on various social media platforms. and we hope that the legacy of the 1980’s can be put to bed, Brian fully recovers and everyone who attends fixtures between the two clubs gets home safe and sound.

Is it too much to ask?


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  • James says:

    Hope the chap gets on the mend soon.

    Yes hopefully this is the end. I had a pint in St Pancras with a QPR fan after the match and all was fine as you’d expect of a bunch of adults. It’s just a game. We’re not warring tribes.

    But I’d be pleasantly surprised if it ends there. Too many at QPR (including owners, safety team and their Met liaison) view it as a derby. It’s not, it’s always just a match. They continually treat fans from both sides terribly. I’ve been told the Football Supporters Association receive more complaints about QPR’s policing and stewarding than any other club. History is littered with examples of poor treatment by authorities leading to recruitment drives for fed up groups. QPR’s owners and the Met are the ones who can de-escalate for anyone stupidly tempted for “revenge”. They should be bigger and apologise to everyone there on Friday for their behaviour and accept it didn’t work and actually made things worse. They should then change their behaviour immediately. And then if idiots from either side don’t behave the next time, let’s ban them from our clubs for life.

    QPR and the Met have the power to kickstart real change. They do their bit and every single one of us has to do ours’ – including immediately calling out any of our friends or fellow supporters who don’t behave. If this doesn’t happen then we risk parents not letting their kids come to matches. If that happens, unless we’re in the prem every season (and so have glory hunters) there will be a smaller future generation of fans.

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