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Ahead of the fixture tonight, the semi-final second leg of the Championship play-off, I thought I’d run another of our random articles.

Last time out, I chose to feature – Aldershot Town – this time around I’ve chosen Lincoln City.

However, despite some serious investigation work, I was unable to come up with the name of a goalkeeper who wore the shirt of both clubs.

Can you solve this conundrum?

Below, is the remainder of the side I uncovered, see what you think:


Defender – Steve Buckley
Defender – Terry Branston
Defender – Trevor Peake
Defender – Matty Pearson

Midfielder – Kingsley Black
Midfielder – Peter Holmes
Midfielder – Joe Morrell
Midfielder – Alan Sheehan

Forward – Mick Harford
Forward – Lee Angol

But can you think of any other individuals that deserve a mention?

If so, simply drop their name into the comment facility beneath this article.


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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh,, nothing to do with this article but with nj recalling josh from his loan an the report that he’s been terrifying defenders. Could it be we should gamble an go do or die by starting him? I’m sure jimbo will agree it’s time to give a youngster a go. An Huddersfield would be given a big surprise an be undone by it then play adebayo later in the game. Just a thought but for me it’s worth the gamble.

  • Nigel Biggs says:

    Alex Palmer

  • Chris winter says:

    OK been speaking to my contacts an apparently nj had a training session with neufville playing in the first team over the weekend. So it may not be just an idea. But could happen.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      what a dream it would be for the lad if it pays off

      • Chris winter says:

        I’ve never found out if he’s the youngest brother of Don neufville my old mucker from back in the day or a nephew. But Don was a dejay an magician an local face for yrs in luton an had a spot in the luton news

  • jimbo says:

    what a game to put a young player in the team. if he plays you know he will give everthing he has, but this would be a massive step up. they know what he can do, so i am all for him playing. would also like kioso to get a run out, but who would he replace. my glass is half full and i have thrown all my spanners away. hope its a good game tonight, fed up with seeing too many unecessary fouls. good luck to all that play tonight, fingers crossed,COYH.

  • Alan says:

    Young fresh legs, if it goes to extra time….maybe a few surprises through out the next couple of hours….

  • Mike North says:

    ALex Palmer in goal……I know he was emergency loan for you guys but the mighty imps had him for a season…….

  • EPPING_IMP says:


  • EPPING_IMP says:

    Alan Judge a very competent keeper, also bravely “CAME OUT” in his latter days as a pro, so Jack Daniels announcment yesterday is not the first since Justin Fashanu, back in the day….

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