Luton – The January Transfer Window Conundrum

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Sometimes I do think we all get carried away when it comes to the January transfer window and our expectations.

This time last year, we were blessed when we managed to sign Kal Naismith and Elijah Adebayo, both of whom have gone on to become mainstays of the first team.

In the summer, Nathan Jones brought a plethora of signings to the club, as he proposed to shake up the squad ready for the new season.

Which makes me think, we shouldn’t expect to see many, if any, new signings this month.

It is a view shared by David Roberts who, underneath another article left the following scribe:

“I hope we don’t sign anyone in January. Mendes Gomes not given a look in and Berry, Lockyer, Osho and others struggling to get chances in the team. Elliot Thorpe surely deserves chances and bit part player Lansbury amongst our highest wage earners!”

Now I believe David as made a good point, particularly when it comes to Luke Berry, but is it a view you share?

Please feel free to have your say in the comment facility beneath this article.


How Many Players Will Luton Sign This Window?





3 or more!

3 or more!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, at the moment it seems likely that any inward transfers may come at the end of the month as its more likely that we may be offloading 2 or 3 first that’s what I’m hearing. Some interest being shown for a couple.

  • jimbo says:

    we have enough players, give them a chance to play. how can young players get a chance to play, when senior players can’t get a game. how many players do you need. COYH.

  • Alan says:

    Jimbo get your point but, look at our fixture list over the next 3weeks. This squad is going to be pushed to the limit. Up to 5 could be struggling for Wednesday, who played Saturday…

  • Scotty says:

    I disagree with Robert for the following reasons. Berry has not been left out he has had a series of injuries and has been used whenever he has been fit enough. Mendez Gomes was too lightweight to get a run in the first tea. He’s young and highly thought of. He is being schooled and being physically improved as his build was too slight for the Championship. He’s not been forgotten he’s been being improved. As NJ has always said, if there is an opportunity which they believe will improve the squad they’ll do it but they’re not busting a gut to add bodies for the sake of it. The new players this season are still in some cases bedding in. There may have been offers for players and if it benefits the overall potential of the team their hand may be forced and they will have targets in mind for that.

  • Barry says:

    Totally agree. I personally would love to see Berry, Fred and Gomez getting a decent run due to their e goalscoring potential. Cornick was in good nick at the start of the season and lockyer is unlucky not to be playing. Think we have enough more than enough quality on the bench, without needing to add to the wage bill. If anything, there are a couple of first team regulars I would like to see rested over the next few months to give those named goal scorers a chance!

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