Date: 13th May 2020 at 7:48am
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Well, that was a suggestion that went down well!

In fact, when it came to suggesting the name of a possible candidate, for the vacant managerial role at Kenilworth Road, I doubt if there could have been a less comfortable option.

In fact, if the results of our poll are anything to go by then uproar is the word that springs to mind.

What am I waffling on about you may be wondering!

Well, before I disappeared for another five days of my shift pattern, I threw into the arena the inference that Roy Keane might be considered to be a viable candidate for the vacant position.

The poll results certainly put that suggestion to bed with 65% absolutely against such an idea whereas only 35% were ready to accept the Irishman strolling through the Kenilworth Road gates.

Which begs me to ask the all-important question – just who would you choose to be the next incumbent of the role?

Please feel free to drop your choice into the comment facility beneath this article.

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7 Replies to “Luton Supporters Insistent That This Man Is Not The One For The Vacant Managerial Position At Kenilworth Road”

  • Hi mh, not really bothered to much anymore. But I see Steve rutters name is now being bandied about that would be OK as he knows the club. Also a manager who has been in this position before like pardew or someone of that ilk. Or a Nathan Jones type young up an coming coach.

  • The club needs to be in a position to appoint a manager whitch they are not able to do at present who ever comes in will not have any money for players they will have work with the current players if they all stay whitch I am not sure they will it a job for a manager who can motivate get his way of playing across to the players like a Nathan Jones there are not many managers out there like that he would be my choice but that’s down to the club

  • Am I missing something I thought the idea was for the club to save money how can we possibly afford some of the managers names put forward? We need a manager and coach who really need a job are experienced but are prepared to take low salary and to be rewarded by results when the time is right.

    Did anyone see the “experts” saying that Luton would finish bottom of the championship?

    Lets finish the season now and therefore reduce the risk of all footballers and their families being exposed to the risk.

    Stay safe all supporters

  • I believe the season should be declared null and void for the safety of everyone. If this very contagious flu like virus is really as dangerous as we are led to believe by the authorities, then there really is no other alternative to be fair to everyone, players, staff and supporters alike. Should the medical experts declare that it is safe to go ahead and start playing team sports again, then OK, but the general public over the past three months have been terrified globally by the constant daily barrage of this Covid 19 situation by the worlds media, and that in itself makes it very difficult for many people to return to what once was considered “normal life”. With regards to professional Football and players situations, that is something for the EPL and EFL to sort out. Money is not nothing if you do not have your health to enjoy it, Regards a new coach for Luton, I personally would have thought that one of the more promising “Coaches out there” who is considered to have the management personality and qualities to be successful would be a good choice. Plenty of experienced has-beens out there, but not what Luton should be considering which I am sure they are not.

  • Kevin Blackwell Luton born did well last time nose the game inside out good manager very experienced

  • I believe Roy Keane would be a brilliant manager for Luton given the fact the players would in time love how he can get the best out of young players just starting a new career

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