Luton – Support Suggests We Need A Striker

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This weekend, a trip to Blackpool awaits a Hatters side who have been struggling for form.

As a result, our thoughts are already turning towards the opening of the January transfer window and who Luton might possibly look to bring to the club to improve the squad.

However, we are realistic enough to acknowledge that our financial status will not see an outpouring of cash.

As a result, our recent poll, on Vital Luton Town, was entitled:

Just One Signing But Which Position?

We listed three choices:


And we had a clear winner when it came to the result.

57% went for the STRIKER option, obviously believing that although Elijah Adebayo and Harry Cornick have done well, w cannot afford to keep missing the chances that come our way.

In second position, with 37% came the MIDFIELD option, perhaps believing that we need to be more clinical/productive when it comes to creating chances.

In third position was the DEFENCE option, with 6% which, considering the number of poor goals we have been conceding lately, is a surprise.

Now I’m sure, with the opening of the winter transfer window fast approaching, Nathan Jones and his associates have been scouring the market, but it remains to be clarified exactly what they believe is needed!


Blackpool v Luton?

Blackpool to Win!

Blackpool to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH Yes we really need a striker Jerome has been a really big disappointment having been given chances but has not risen to the occasion. We really need a big bustling old school centre forward someone to take the pressure of Adebayo and leaving Connick to continue on the wing his best position. Also given the problem we have with crosses by the opposition provide a deep midfielder who backs up the wingbacks like so many of our opponents do.

    Now time to let three players go saved salaries to go towards both a proven striker and a goal scoring attacking midfielder .


  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, Jerome has never been a big scorer no matter where he’s been and wasn’t brought in to get goals the aim was to help with adebayo which from Adès development has worked. He hasn’t been given a run of games to show what he’s about so don’t blame him. Yes I expect to see 2 to 3 players go as well. An what do people want? Do they expect to get a proven championship goal getter on our budget. I don’t think we so!!! That leaves us with a choice of a prem kid loan in. January loans in haven’t worked well for us in the past connally an an that forest guy come to mind or risk another adebayo can we be lucky twice.

  • Billy says:

    Nathan Jones picks the side and he’ll be scouring the market for a Central Defender or a holding Midfielder. You can never have too many

  • jimbo says:

    when n.j. calls ruddock phenominal, it beggars belief. i am truly lost for words. i know managers have favourites ,but this is taking the piss. lets see the team on saturday,can’t wait.?????COYH.

  • Chris winter says:

    So according to nj gomes has been prepared so he can unleash him shortly. We’ll excuse me if I’m unwhealmed. 😂😂 Heard njs comments before and tend to take them with a pinch of salt now.

  • Paul says:

    NJ’s Comments on Ruddock are unbelievable, This manger is admitting he is selecting a player on the basis that he owes him for his past loyalty, regardless of his lacklustre performances for the whole season so far, he intends to keep playing him to see if he can get back his form, what a load of Bullsh-t, based on his comments, he obviously doesn’t know his best team, he talks about players who are going to frighten teams, but never plays them? he’s lost the plot. I have no confidence in this manager anymore, it’s time for a change.

    • Chris winter says:

      Paul you are going to have to accept that the owners are not going to sack nj. Whether we like it or not all we can do is support the team as a whole while they are on the pitch. An continue to vent our frustration on here.

  • Alan says:

    Talk of sacking again…… pathetic…..

  • Paul says:

    Hi Chris, I will always support the team, and I know the board would not sack NJ,
    the problem is he knows it, so he can carry on picking the wrong teams, making constant bad tactical decisions whilst looking after his favourites, while I spend good money driving up and down the country watching the result of his bad management.
    and just to rub salt in the wound, he admits it when he makes a mistake, that at the moment seems to be every week, does he not learn anything?
    He says he now needs to make some bold decisions, ok, let’s see what that is on Saturday, and if he has any balls, he should drop Pelly Sluga and Bradley. who between them have cost us many points already this season.
    I just know that I’m in for another frustrating stopover in Blackpool this weekend.
    Oh, but we are a top six championship team? the guys delusional.

  • Chris winter says:

    Your probably right about the team selection. An yes it’s so annoying paying good money to watch rubbish. But as we know it’s what us supporters do!!! Good an bad. I know now how passionate you are an won’t give up. Don’t know if you are old enough to remember the Lawrence yrs that was also a bad time to watch us.

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