Luton Support Reacts To New Keeper Signing

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Nathan Jones revamp of a Hatters squad that did remarkably well last season continues in earnest.

This summer promises to be almost as busy as last season when it comes to bringing players in.

The latest Kenilworth Road arrival is Ethan Horvath who has joined the Hatters on a season long loan deal, from Nottingham Forest, something we reported earlier today – luton-add-another-goalkeeper-to-their-squad.

Now whilst I find it interesting seeing new players come to the club, it must be said that, in my opinion, a deal is only a good one if we bring in somebody who is better than we currently have.

Nathan Jones, after signing Matt Macey, had heavily hinted that another keeper would be added to the squad due to the long term injury suffered by James Shea and if the social media reaction to the signing of Horvath is anything to go by, it looks like we’ve gotten a gem:

But while loan deals are commonplace these days, there are those who see it as paying out good money for something you’ll never actually own.

Therefore, I’d be interested to know if anyone can supply the answers to the following two, very similar, posts:

Does anyone know?


Your Preferred Keeper v Birmingham Is?

Matt Macey!

Matt Macey!

Harry Isted!

Harry Isted!

Ethan Horvath!

Ethan Horvath!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, you know me so we ‘ve finally got our man an new no 1!!! Sadly probably won’t happen. He will probably start but then if he’s done well. Will be off to the world Cup. An then who knows what will happen none of the American keepers are playing at the moment back ups all so he’s got lots to play for. Option to buy see how many games he plays. Know what I mean Harry.

  • Jim says:

    Why buy Macey to be a number 2? We’ve had our arses bit in league 2 and the championship when we’ve had loan keepers in the first 11. It’s the most important position to have stability because it impacts on everyone else.

    With a keeper we should have them on your terms, not someone else’s. Henderson gets injured, or De Gea, and Horvath goes back to Forest. For all I know he may be the best keeper we’ve ever had. But have him on the bench please. Or, as the past suggests, be prepared to rip up plan a and b.

  • Danny says:

    maybe we have learnt from previous mistakes and stipulated that there isn’t an option for a re-call as part of the loan deal, re-calls to parent clubs aren’t always in place, just a thought worth considering


    • Chris winter says:

      Hi guys, no recall as he will be probably at the world Cup. An if he’s playing as no1 for us probably no1 for the USA as their other are no3 keepers at the moment.

  • Danny says:

    that is good news, cheers Chris


  • jimbo says:

    never been keen on renting players, prefer to buy. we were tucked up before with keeper being recalled, lets hope that dose’nt happen again. COYH.

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