Luton Support Enraged By Their Friday Night Police Treatment

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Yesterday, here at Vital Luton Town, we launched an appeal for information relating to an incident that happened after the QPR game.

Our article – were-you-a-witness-to-what-happened – related to an incident that took place after the game and left a Luton supporter fighting for his life.

Unfortunately, we have no further news on the subject supporter, but he remains deep in our thoughts.

However, the incident appears to have stirred up a hornet’s nest (unfortunate but necessary choice of word) when it comes to the way the Hatters support were treated after the 2-0 defeat at the hands of Queens Park Rangers.

It seems, according to social media, the travelling support were far from happy when it came to how they were treated by the Police, as the following posts illustrate:

Indeed, the situation was so chaotic one poster has had his joy of journeying to West London ended forever:

But, on a general note, how do you feel away supporters are treated by the Police?

Was Friday night a one-off or is it a regular occurrence?

Please feel free to vent your spleen in the comment facility beneath this article.


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Forest to Win!

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Luton to Win!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, I’m afraid that this is a usual tactic by the met police when we visit qpr an goes right back to the 70s. Myself an others were filmed an photographed an pulled out of the crowd walking to the ground an corralled with others an then about 50 of us were marched separately to the ground. After the game we were again segregated into a separate group and escorted by police straight to the underground with police taken to St Pancras told to fuck off on the train an anyone who didn’t get on it was arrested. Even if they didn’t come by train. Happens every time we go there.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      it’s a shambles and wouldn’t be put up with by any other group in modern day society. I too had a similar experience, drove to West Ham but frog-marched to the tube, after the game, and sent on my way, had to go back late at night to collect my car.

  • Mick Henman says:

    Terrible over the top policing treated us all with utter contempt before, during and after the game. Comment was made to me that there was a disaster waiting to happen the way were herded around, sadly how true that has proved to be when we complained about our treatment they laughed in our faces no wonder people have no respect for the police.

  • SadPatter says:

    Have some consideration for the police as their work isn’t easy. In 2019 I witnessed various incidents in Shepherds Bush including Luton ‘supporters’ (think we all know the group I am referring to) attack a pub containing a rival group, surges of drunk fans along the high road seeking confrontation and challenged the police at every opportunity. We know they are not perfect but are any of us?

  • jimbo says:

    one day we won’t have racism in football,and hopefully no one will be laying in hospital in a coma,just for a game of day??????COYH.

  • James says:

    Any news on the lad?

    Can’t disagree with SadHatter, some of our fans are arseholes.

    But we get treated en masse like animals at qpr every time. And to be honest so do a lot of qpr fans.

    Whoever did the do on Friday needs to fess up and grow up. Take jail time and wake up. But the police and QPR need to accept faults. A lot of qpr fans moaned about being held at Loftus Road for 30 minutes after the game. I hope they don’t realise it was cos the chap was unconscious on
    Uxbridge road. I don’t want to see what I saw again.

    I hope it was bull and not just the self entitled guff that was written about “Luton Fans should have been held back, not us”. QPR and the Met treated people like shit. When you do that, some will behave it. The police are at fault, as are the club. Treat people like shit but don’t protect those that really need it.

    Hope the lad makes a full recovery.

    Hope qpr and the Met wake up.

  • Alan says:

    At least they have got someone. As chris said met police always the same when comes to LTFC…..just a quick post for jimbo, when I said blinkered I was disagreeing with you, but their were more than one player deserving criticism on Friday and by constantly looking at one other mistakes become swept away. That was my point….again NJ picks the team not us…

  • Alan says:

    Jimbo that should have “not disagreeing with you”

  • jimbo says:

    you are absolutely correct alan. i look forward to your and other peoples comments. in a way,we are all blinkered ,otherwise it would get boring. i hoestly don’t care anymore regarding team selection we can’t change the decisions. more and more people are unhappy with ruddocks lack of performance. i want to see this team play good flowing football,good passing, good tackling, ruddock can’t do it, so give somebody else a chance.the young players are knocking on the door for first team football. can’t wait to see some of them.COYH.

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