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Luton Support Decide It Is Time To Rest This Player

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Tonight, the Hatters are back in Championship action when they travel to the City Ground to take on Nottingham Forest.

Following the disappointment of two consecutive defeats, at home to Stoke City and away to Queens Park Rangers, the Luton support will be hoping that Nathan Jones will reinvigorate his troops and inspire them to take all three points.

Nathan has often spoken about utilising his squad when we hit periods where the fixtures are coming thick and fast.

Following the QPR defeat and ahead of the game tonight, there have been, as highlighted in a recent article – should-mpanzu-start-against-nottingham-forest – calls for Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu to be withdrawn from the starting XI.

Now I am all for giving players my full support, but a common theme has been expressed by our readership and summed up by Alistair Litchfield, who posted:

“Pelly seems to be a great person to have around the team. The unfortunate thing is the team has progressed and he is out of his depth. He lacks pace. He is slow on the ball and his first touch is poor. His positional play is rubbish and puts pressure on his teammates. I cannot remember when he last tackled anybody or won a ball in the air and for a midfielder that’s unforgiveable. How many more times has he got to put up his hands to say sorry before he is benched.”

but Alistair is not alone in this thoughts with our poll, which asked the simple question:

Should Mpanzu Start Against Nottingham Forest?

With 84% choosing the NO option and a mere 16% going for the YES option.

Sometimes, a spell out of the headlights can rejuvenate a player who has become stale, hopefully, if Nathan does decide to not choose Pelly, the midfielder will bounce back, rediscover his form and reclaim his spot in the team.

However, based on Nathan’s recent persistence in choosing Pelly, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see his name on the team sheet this evening, would you?


Luton Town v Cardiff City?

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Cardiff City to Win!

Cardiff City to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Chris winter says:

    I’ve already said it but nj will play who he wants and we will just have to lump it. Whether he will start who knows just wait an see.

  • hatter75 says:

    Morning MH Sorry to disagree with Chris but paying fans don’t just have to lump it The fans are customers and their views should be listened too. The fans at Stoke tried to help Nathan with his selection and style of play but not listening led to his demise.

    Pelly has been a loyal servant but .Alistaire’s comment above is spot on.

  • Chris winter says:

    Hi hatter 75, no problem with you disagreeing with me. But you do rather contradict yourself by saying about Stoke. The board here are unlikely to get rid of nj he knows that. so is not under any pressure to drop pelly or anyone else. I still feel that the absence of big mick is not helping the situation. An hopefully he will be back amongst us soon. His influence around the club is massive an sorely missed.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Chris, mick talks to NJ every day mate, believe me, although he isn’t on the touchline he is still very influential. Nathan isn’t like the other Jones and he does listen to his staff, so it’s not just NJ who rates certain players for whatever reason.. ..

  • Chris winter says:

    That’s fine Alan but it’s not the same as having him all around the club is it. An no disrespect to any of the staff but just him being around seems to uplift everyone especially the players.

  • Alan says:

    We were still losing games when he was around…I was at 4 development & youth games last week & mick & all the staff were there….also I’ve never known any club listen to fans views on team selection as hatter 75 states….NJ did a meet the manager the other week, nobody was there to question his team selections that nite. Golden opportunity for some there….as I’ve said before if it were that easy we would all be managers….

  • Tom says:

    Was a big fan of Pelli but this year he has been a big disappointment, not won a tackle, distribution rubbish team commitment poor, we have more than enough cover in midfield so we don’t need him until he has is head in the right place

  • jimbo says:

    i rest my case.COYH.

  • jimbo says:

    well said tom.COYH.

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