Luton – Summer Signing May Require Surgery

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Earlier this week, the Hatters announced they had secured their eighth signing of the summer with the Grimsby Town striker, John McAtee, joining the club.

However, as we confirmed in our article – eighth-summer-signing-confirmed – Luton had agreed to loan McAtee back to Grimsby Town for the remainder of this season, thereby allowing the striker to get as much game time as possible.

Unfortunately, as confirmed by Luton Today, McAtee has picked up a shoulder dislocation in Grimsby Towns opening fixture of the 2022/2023 against Leyton Orient.

There are fears the dislocation may require surgery to be informed which could leave the 23-year-old side-lined for a lengthy period as he considers a rehabilitation period.

If that is the case, does anyone know whether McAtee will return to Luton during his prolonged absence, for treatement, or whether he will stay with Grimsby Town?

Answers on a postcard please.


Burnley v Luton Town?

Burnley to Win!

Burnley to Win!

Luton to Win!

Luton to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Andrew says:

    Hi md, as long as the shoulder heals OK he could be better off staying down with luton so he can get a better understanding of the luton way and what is expected of him . Coyh

  • jimbo says:

    should be at luton ,getting to know his new surroundings. maybe get some physio from alan.hope the surgery is not needed.COYH.

  • Alan says:

    The good news is if he requires surgery the month off in nov/Dec will be a big help aiding recovery time. Until he sees a specialist we will not know….

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