Luton – Set To Follow In The Footsteps Of Wycombe Wanderers

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I’ve got a confession to make and I’m not sure it will sit well with the readership!

I must confess I’ve never been entirely happy with the play-off campaign.

I’ve always felt it was a bit harsh that a side that finishes third, possibly numerous points ahead of a team that finishes sixth, must go through the lottery of what is, basically, a mini cup tournament.

But, although they say a leopard cannot change its spots, with the Hatters now actively involved in the play-offs, I’m slowly changing my opinion.

Luton, as we all know, finished sixth and will, over two legs, face Huddersfield, who finished in third position after accumulating seven points more than us.

After watching Wycombe Wanderers over-coming the odds and beating that lot from up the road, MK Dons, after a tight two-legged tie, the romance of the situation is starting to draw me in.

With the Hatters playing Huddersfield, on Friday evening and then again on Monday evening, could we see another team, us, that finished sixth, just like Wycombe, beat a side that finished third, just like MK Dons?

Of course, we could, hang on tight, we’re on a real roller coaster ride!


Luton v Huddersfield (1st Leg)

Luton to Win!

Luton to Win!

Huddersfield to Win!

Huddersfield to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, I think we can beat Huddersfield as well. But to be honest I feel we will have to take a 3 goal lead to there place to be certain of a Wembley place. That said in 2 meetings this season if memory serves we have failed to score. So it’s going to be very tough.

  • hatter75 says:

    Hi MH Some weeks ago tongue in cheek scan I commented can we meet Notts Forest at the play off final at Wembley.

    Now a possible chance we can avenge the 1959 Cup Final defeat where we were beaten 2-1. Would be great for the club and all those old followers who were around at that time.

    Here hoping us old timers can live long enough to see ius in the Premier league and then play Liverpool, Man City, Man utd and Arsenal in our new stadium.


    • Chris winter says:

      Great shout that. I agree an also avenge our little woods cup loss!!! Don’t forget that 75

  • hatter75 says:

    Hello Chris. Sorry your absolutely right had forgotten that one even more reason to seek revenge. Not sure we can score three at home at present but surely Jerome deserves at least one (providing he plays) and we need one more from a back four header and then a screamer from Campbell or Clark. Then backs to the wall on Monday.

    If its a draw after both games is it penalties? if so need to get some practice in as this could be required.


  • Ken says:

    Seve used to say that always use the rules to give yourself the best chance. If we had finished lower and they had given us a lucky dip, why not

  • jimbo says:

    i said on a previous blog that huddersfield would finish in third spot, hope i am wrong. our best team would beat any championship side. all teams are suffering injuries, so its the same for everybody. fantastic to see bree come back so strong, looked like he had been lifting weights,well pumped. good luck to all play off teams, best team will win. i am sure everyone will join me in wishing watford all the best for the future. maybe now there dickhead supporters will eat there words. would be interesting to hear from the mouthy twats. COYH.

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