Date: 20th June 2021 at 12:00pm
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The subject of adding another striker to the squad has seen something of a debate open-up here on Vital Luton Town.

With Cameron Jerome already on the books to assist Elijah Adebayo, we have already, today, covered the speculation regarding the possible capture of the Morecambe forward – Carlos Mendes Gomes.

Our article – luton-quoted-500000-fee-for-wanted-striker – contains the inference that Morecambe, newly promoted to League One, want £500,000 for the player, a fee that I believe is extortionate.

But returning to the previously mentioned debate, could Luton Town be looking elsewhere for that additional striker?

According to, that could well be the case with Ercan Kara, of Rapid Vienna, being touted as a possible buy that could see Luton Town break their club transfer record.

Our record source implies that Rapid Vienna want £2 million for the player who in 30 appearances last season netted 15 goals.

But although £2 million seems a reasonable price, it would still be something of a gamble for the Hatters, especially in these pandemic driven financial times.

Two regular visitors to Vital Luton, Chris Winter and Alan have been debating the possibility of the Hatters splashing more cash than we would originally expect on a striker, a case of speculating to accumulate.

The final offering from Chris (see below) puts in a healthy case for going ahead with such a move:

“Theoretical debate, Nathan Jones says he wants to progress to do that we need better players. So, this Kara is valued at £3.15million and we need a striker. If he is earning £3,500 a week, as I have heard, his wages can be in budget. And at £2million cost surely at 25 years of age, if he is a success, then he could go at a good profit. Surely that is worth a gamble in the short term. As a one off and at this time we have to risk it?”

I could not agree more, if he is as good as his YouTube clips show:

But, as I have mentioned before in this article, would it be a huge risk to spend so big on a player when it could affect our financial stability in the event of another variant of Covid-19 impacting upon our beautiful game?

Your thoughts on the subject matter would make for interesting reading in the comment facility beneath this article.


Should Luton Break Their Transfer Record To Land A Striker?

Yes It'll Be Worth It!

Yes It'll Be Worth It!

No It's Too Risky!

No It's Too Risky!

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33 Replies to “Luton – Set To Break Club Transfer Record”

  • Hi mh, could I add that now could be the time to pick up a bargain. Yes we have suffered due to covid. But due to good owners we are in a better position than many clubs. That said we picked up 13 Mill due to the sale of Justin an Stacey. Surely 2 million could be spent on a striker whoever they are. Just a thought.

  • Hi all, whispers from the golf course this morning, 3 or 4 outgoings, at least 1 more incoming…..🤫🤫

    • Hi Alan, the 2 I know of are not unexpected or a surprise as I think we all reckoned they will leave.

  • Should we put any weight at all on transfer rumours that have no basis in any LTFC action?
    Nope – it’s just a bit of fun.

    • Hi Patrick, of course your right. Especially if you believe anything nixon of the sun says lol. But there are some of us that hear things from in the club. But if we named names to all an sundry. Then our source would dry up. All we can do is hint.

  • Hi Patrick, a lot of what Chris and myself hear has come to fruition. Obviously some is only rumours but as chris says and I’m the same if I told you my source, which would surprise many, my info would definitely dry up….

    • So Alan, should I write my cheque out now or keep it for my season ticket next year. 😂😂😂😂

  • Interesting speculation on new striker.
    Reminds me of the Lars Elstrup saga, great player and scored lots of goals, but it all ended in tears.

  • Hi Tony, it is only a rumour. My intention was to find out if we fans thought it was worth spending that sort of money on a striker now. While prices are depressed not about kara specifically. Should we go for it?

  • Hi Chris
    Don’t know anything about Kara, but personally Iwould keep the chequebook locked in the safe.
    All very risky.

  • Half time Italy v Wales Morrell points 13 marking fresh air always attempted passes he’s made an been intercepted 3. times he’s put his own keeper under pressure 2. defending lost man he was marking cost his team a goal an we paid good money this pile of s**t. He’s got to go ASAP

    • Hi jimbo, seeing as he hasn’t played yet. Hopefully the training with Wales will mean he’s fit an ready to go next season. He gave glimpses of how good he can be last season. Let’s hope he stays fit an can get a run in the team.

  • Chris/Alan,
    Unbelievable posts on Morrell, you should be ashamed.
    He’s a Luton Town Player and to put down a player in the manner you did, and to a player that has only had a bit part to play in 11 games all season is unacceptable.
    He wasn’t playing against The Dock & Duck, he was playing against one of the best teams in the world.
    I wonder how your favoured Pelly and Bradley would have fared?

    • Oh an just to make matters worse he’s rubbished luton an wants away an as Alan has said on those performances we won’t be able to give him away!!!!

  • Hi Paul, your entitled your opinion. That was the second time I watched him play. And his performance was just as bad as his first. Also you rubbish luton players on a regular basis. An when we defend themyou claim we gang up you. Kettle black mean anything to you.

  • Paul did you ” dog and duck” ….he has bad mouthed our club and also complained of a foot injury since he has been here…he was rubbish in both Wales games. Had he not bad mouthed us, no problem, but he wants away…..just remember some of your critical remarks of LUTON TOWN players last season…short memory mate….

  • Yes, I’ve been very critical at times, but its ok to be critical when players are not performing, but to call a Luton Town player a pile of s**t and then continue to mock them, is taking it a bit far. Not something I have done, nor would I do, and also a bit sad to be laughing about it.

    • I call it as I see it. If you don’t like it tough it’s only my opinion. The guys been disruptive in training an a prima Donna. Yet can’t back it up on the pitch I repeat he’s a crock of s**t

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