Luton – Laying It On The Line When It Comes To TV

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As the editor of this site, it is always great to receive, good or bad, feedback on any of the articles that appear on this site.

Being 100% unofficial, the site is there for the supporters to have their say and air their views.

Yesterday, we published an article – a-level-playing-field-or-not – which covered the fact that when it comes to Sky Sports televising, live, Championship games, there is a distinct imbalance.

The article attracted a comment left by JIM that offered a dramatic, but probably true, assessment of how football supporters are treated by the media when it comes to televised coverage of football.

Starting with why Blackburn Rovers appear to dominate the forthcoming coverage, the comment then goes on to place football supporters into certain groups.

Take it away JIM

“I’m guessing it’s because they’re on a run and scoring loads. TV producers look to the recent past for an indication of what the future will bring when it comes to selecting matches outside the top of the Premier League.

Sky, BT, Amazon, International broadcasters, and even the BBC and ITV all ruin football. I wouldn’t care less if no Luton game was ever televised live unless we weirdly found ourselves back in Non-League, and playing against a Championship or Premier League team in the FA Cup.

Remember the TV companies not showing us beating Norwich? Just like they screwed Kidderminster this weekend. Sods. That’s where the romance of the cup is. Not Moan U v Villa. And not Hull v Everton or Millwall v Palace.

1500 Saturday should always be our weekend games. Sunday 1230 was a pain last week. And Saturday 1230 this week is even worse.

And for what?

So, a few stay-at-home fans of both clubs can watch it? Or a few ex-pat fans on Sunday. Only a glutton for punishment watches those games or they’ve no skin it them.

The sooner we get back to the hierarchy of fans being:

– 1st Goes to every home and to away game
– 2nd Goes to every home and a decent chunk of away games
– 3rd Goes to every home game
– 4th Goes to 10-15 games a season
– 5th Goes to 1-10 games a season
– 6th Only watches their team on telly
– 7th Watches any old sh*te match on telly

the better.

Sure, there’d be less money in the game. But players and coaches would still want to work in their profession.

And most importantly, “legacy fans” would be treated with the respect their time and money deserve. As it stands, the hierarchy is pretty much the reverse of that, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to support a Premier League side.”

Powerful stuff, but it is hard to disagree with any of the points, football is fast becoming totally dominated by TV money, clubs are at the beck and call of the various companies and fans are forced to travel at very inconvenient times to arrive at away grounds before kick-off.

But, I fear, we are too far down the line for anything to change, how about you?

Please feel free to have your say in the comment facility beneath this article and my thanks go to JIM for taking the time to compile a great comment.


Reading v Luton Town?

Reading to Win!

Reading to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Tony says:

    It’s true tv companies are looking for safe bets when it comes to broadcasting football. They look at how many viewers are likely to tune in. That’s why the Premier league teams are a shoe in. Next It’s the facilities that certainly football clubs provide. TV companies don’t like roughing it. There’re not keen on nitty-gritty football. Just pretty football with fancy facilities. Having said all that I am not able to fathom why they keep picking luton v Millwall for broadcasting. Are they hoping for some crowd disturbance? A riot? Let’s face it luton v Millwall is not the most glamorous game to bring back the viewers. It’s a one nil either way at best. Football on the telly is becoming a bore. The high wire zip zoom angle. Var analysing anything that moves. A camera shot of the city at night from a blimp. Zooming in on nose pickers or a pie eater. Football on TV is becoming a cliche. Be a bit more daring if you’re brave enough. Mix it up a bit why don’t you. When match of the day was a good show to watch they broadcasted games from around the country and from different leagues. Premier league is not the only football in the UK. There are other clubs and other fans that would like a look in now and again.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Nicely put Tony

    • Adrew says:

      Matches on TV should be a good thing but picking the so called big games to get the biggest audience is to me the best way to get a big audience that’s fine that’s the way it should be who wants to watch a game that you know is going to be poor , but this is where it should be different the TV money should be the same for every club in that league no matter who is on TV more Because most premier League games are a sell out with the big boys so they can’t say they lose money on the gates . As it is money should go to lower league teams as well , football on TV should be a good and fair thing with the money shared out evenly, a true fans watches they team where ever they play if they can . The money just needs to be split right and fair so everyone gets the same amount to which league you are in . Coyh

  • Chris winter says:

    Personally I remember the days of regional TV. An a plethora of games being shown from various divs. Moore sindstadt an many other good reporters started that way. Even if it was only 10 mins viewing. Those were the days we got London an anglia so good chance we would crop up on one or other.

  • Alan says:

    Lot better in those days. All you get now is a load of so called experts stating the obvious 50% of the time and rubbish the other 50%.

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