Luton – Keeper Deal Moves Closer

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Earlier this week, here at Vital Luton Town, we picked up on the speculation linking Matt Macey with a return to Kenilworth Road.

Our article – luton-linked-with-a-move-for-a-familiar-goalkeeper – touched on the possibility that the keeper could be the one to fill the vacant spot between the posts.

In the last twenty-for hours that speculation has started to ramp up with footballinsider247, among others, reporting that a deal has been agreed between his current club, Hibernian, and the Hatters, with a six-figure transfer fee being agreed.

Furthermore, it is also being implied that Macey will be undertaking a medical today, to confirm his fitness.

At six feet seven inches tall, and twenty-seven years of age, Macey has the potential to be a commanding keeper and we sit here waiting for the news of his signing to be officially confirmed by the club.

But what does his potential signing do to the career prospects of Harry Isted?

Will he be content to play second-fiddle, again, or could he seek a move?

Only time will tell!


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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, at around £100,000 I don’t see. We think of him as much more than a sub till shea returns. Unless he’s made massive strides since he was last here. An last season when I saw him playing on several occasions he hasn’t. I’m hoping nj has not made him a promise of being no1 keeper. An he has to at worst fight isted for that right. Personally I want isted given at least 10 games to prove he’s up to it. As you can see this transfer is not something I rate an think it’s a low cost job for a marque signing later or even 2.god I hope I’m right. He wasn’t very good last time he was here.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Interesting to see Hibs are happy to sell him as they have Marshall between the sticks now!

    • Peter Scott says:

      Totally agree – his value though is about 400k – if he was that good we would have tried to have kept him last time – Isted is as good as if not better than Shea e.g. his kicking ability – would like Isted to be given 10 games as you say and start as number 1 – I see him keeping out James Shea even when he gets better and Isted playing the whole season!

  • Alan says:

    Trust in the recruitment chris….I think isted will get his chance…..

    • Chris winter says:

      Alan, fine if that’s recruitment’s idea of what we need. I just expressed a personal opinion that I don’t fancy him or that he’s good enough. If he proves me wrong that’s fine. He had a chance before an didn’t impress me then. Or last season when I watched him several times. An I hope you are right about isted. But my whisper is things we’re said to macey to get him here. An it’s still my belief that there are still better options on frees out there we could have picked up.

  • Alan says:

    Not having ago chris….also remember he was about 19 when he was here b4….the other thing will be our defence will be better than Hibs….I would have liked to have stech back, he only lost out shea cos his wife gave birth on a Friday b4 a Saturday game…..but as you say its only my opinion….. I don’t think we make promises to any player chris, so that’s 1 thing I will disagree on….but time will tell…

    • Chris winter says:

      Without saying to much it came from a very good source. That the deal could have been done by Wed’s if not for him wanting certain things Alan..

  • Peter Scott says:

    A cheaper option would be to get Marek Stech in as cover for Isted as he has been let go by Mansfield

  • jimbo says:

    believe in recrutement is not always easy for supporters, we have so many differing views.macey would be good business. i have said that isted is my preference, but i don’t know the agreements players have with the club. still hoping for transfer news,but we know money talks.COYH.

  • Steve Bahrain says:

    Macey should have gone to Specsavers! Could have had 2 medicals by now for the price of one… Not like we’re all waiting the announcement lol

  • David Hilton says:

    He should have been given a chance to play first choice, if another club comes in for him he should consider it as I think Luton are not giving him a chance to prone himself

  • Alan says:

    Hi all, just had an interesting mornings golf and lunch. Matt macey has been promised nothing apart from joining an ambitious, forward thinking club….a very solid source

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Good to hear, nobody should agree to a right to play plea

    • Chris winter says:

      Hi Alan, I just said I hoped he hadn’t been made certain promises. And he was still wanting certain things before he would sign. An that is why he has taken so long.

  • Alan says:

    Chris I’m only saying what heard yesterday…no promises are made to any new signings under this management. Loan deals are obviously slightly different….the keeper situation is up for grabs and its up to whoever to take up the challenge….

    • Danny says:

      it’s refreshing to read some genuine itk info regarding the clubs transfers, keep the updates coming Alan 👍


  • Billy says:

    Anybody know if there’s anybody at home at Luton Town FC? Only I paid my money to renew my season ticket and all I’ve heard from the official site is our Carabo cup number.

  • Alan says:

    Email ticket office, normally quick to answer

    • Billy says:

      It was a dig at them for taking our money and telling us nothing on what’s happening on recruitment

  • Alan says:

    The staff don’t report back til Thursday…I’m sure things will take shape in the next week or so. Plus I think it’s been a quiet few weeks for every club….

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