Luton – If That Famous Brewer Did Saturdays

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Yesterday was quite a day and although I can’t name the brewer, I’m sure you get the gist of the title.

The events of Saturday 7th May 2022 will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.

I am sure I am not the only Luton supporters who woke up with a hangover this morning after partaking in a few too many celebratory drinks.

After all, with Kenilworth Road cleared by 15:00 hours, the perfect opportunity existed to hit the dwindling number of public houses Luton town centre has to offer.

But, if my senses were overwhelmed by the sight of those employed by Luton Town celebrating their success in achieving a play-off place and a shot at making the Premier League, any lull in that joyous feeling was quickly averted when news came through that Watford had lost at Crystal Palace thereby ending their tenure in the top-flight of English football.

Quick pass me another beer, I can’t stop celebrating!


Luton v Huddersfield (1st Leg)

Luton to Win!

Luton to Win!

Huddersfield to Win!

Huddersfield to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Hi mh, while like everyone I’m celebrating getting to the play offs. If we fail to make the prem. I fear for the expectation for next season what will us fans expect. Now I know the next week is full of fun for us. But can we exceed expectation an if we don’t what next? Enjoy our moments in the sun but I don’t think if we are back in this league we’ll do as well next year. I’ll wait now for the backlash.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Good point Chris, let’s see how it pans out first, although whatever the outcome there are a lot of contracts to sort out this summer

  • Alan says:

    No disrespect chris but over the time I’ve posted alongside you on here you have always come across as a “a glass half empty” sort. No offence…lol…

    • Chris winter says:

      Hi Alan, I have my own expectation of course. But you should also know that I like to throw a spanner in the works on occasions and see what happens 😁

  • Alan says:

    Make it an adjustable spanner sometimes chris….👍👍

  • Alan says:

    Love it……

  • jimbo says:

    keep adjusting your spanners, and keep throwing them in the mix. keep enjoying the ride, and keep your glass full. loving this exciting time for all luton supporters. COYH.

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