Date: 17th November 2020 at 8:58am
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I’m sat here watching the television.

With another two weeks of the second national lockdown to get through, life remains far from what we all would like it to be.

In the last few minutes, I have been watching Karren Brady pontificate about the return of supporters to games.

With TWO vaccines now being pushed forward as possible solutions to the pandemic, there is hope that, somewhere over the horizon, there is hope that we can all return to Kenilworth Road to watch the Hatters in action.

But I have a question for you all to answer and one I hope will provide an interesting response.

Personally, I can not help but feel cautious about any vaccine being pushed on us, especially when the production and testing has happened so quickly.

I am also concerned that it may have side effects but also mindful that a failure to have the vaccine could result in social complications.

I fear that unless you can prove you have had the vaccine then you will not be able to fly and may also not be able to attend public events.

So, here is the all-important question:

As It Currently Stands Are You Prepared To Have A Covid-19 Vaccine?







Let us see how this poll swings!


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10 Replies to “Luton Fans You May Have A Difficult Choice To Make”

  • Hi mh, a very difficult decision to make. I read 1 report from a volunteer who took 1 of the vaccine and he reported that he had a side effect that left him with what felt like a hangover. And when I was in the forces we often had to have a conglomerate of inoculations an all had minor side effects so your damned if you do an damned if you don’t.

  • Hi mh, can’t fault your concerns. But I doubt if government will compensate for anything that goes wrong. So as I’ve said it is an individual choice an damned if you do or don’t!!!!

  • Hi all, yet again poor in front of goal could easily have lost or won that game. Proves we have to get a goal scorer in as soon as possible. We can’t continue like this some poor defensive errors yet again as well. We could have had a penalty given against us lucky no var?

  • An yes I know we are 10th at the moment an I have said 10th to 15th would be good. But its early days an look at Charlton last year!!

  • Hi chris, agree mate, we have both said a goalscorer is vital… good thing is nobody is running away with league at the mo, as nobody is hitting consistency. We aren’t playing great but we are only 6 off the top. Strange season around…

    • Hi Alan, yet again lucky that things went our way. An yes we are still on target for a 10th to 15th place. But the lack of goals really worries me. Don’t know about you. Also lax defending seems to be creeping In an we have been lucky not to concede more. Just hope we can find a striker in the new year.

  • Hi all, yes we are being allowed back in hooray. Wonder how the club will decide to allocate places. Personally I have no problem with a ballot. As for last night well we dominated it. But their keeper saved them with a great display. But as I an Alan keep banging on since before the season started We Need A Another striker of quality. I see it as a must now to get 1 in at the transfer window. We now face 3 games against really tough opposition an will struggle if we can’t score more goals

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