Date: 14th June 2021 at 8:57am
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Some of you may recall that, a decade or so ago, the town of Luton was in the running to become a City.

As it turned out, the attempt was not successful, and we retained our Town status.

But is the equilibrium we have become so used to set to change?

Next year, the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee and already it has been announced that we will all be given a 4-day holiday to celebrate.

But it is also being suggested that several lucky towns could also, as part of the celebrations, be awarded City status.

According to Bedfordshire Live, Luton could be one such place and cites its credentials for being upgraded in status.

But if it were to happen what would happen to our fine football club?

Would we be obliged to become Luton City?

If so, how does that strike you?

As a precedent, I can recall Swansea changing there name back in 1969 from Swansea Town to Swansea City, but was it done voluntarily or enforced?

Personally, LTFC has a certain ring about it, a unique ring, LCFC does not do it for me!

Please feel free to have your say on the subject matter in the comment facility beneath this article.


Town Chasing City Status?

Stay As Luton Town!

Stay As Luton Town!

Change To Luton City!

Change To Luton City!

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4 Replies to “Luton – Could The Unthinkable Happen?”

  • Morning mh, I for one see no reason for us to become a city. It means nothing an is pointless. So we are luton town always have been an always will be.

  • dont care about luton having city status,as long as football club is successful. how many things would have to be changed,signs etc.waste of money. must admit i prefer swansea city, to town.dosen,t sound so welsh!!!!! COYH.

  • We don’t have to change our name to City in my opinion we were Luton town and still are Luton town and always be Luton town. No matter what the town status becomes

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