Luton – A Level Playing Field Or Not

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Yesterday the good folk of Sky Sports released news of the Championship fixtures that will be shown live between now and the end of the season.

Their selection Sky Sports when analysed, doesn’t do much to convince me that coverage is a level playing field.

Some teams are getting more than their fair share of live games while others seem to be missing out, as the figures below show:

6 – Blackburn Rovers
4 – Huddersfield Town, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United
3 – Bournemouth, Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion
2 – Hull City, Stoke City, Derby County, Middlesbrough, Birmingham City, QPR,
1 – Luton Town, Peterborough United, Cardiff City, Preston North End, Barnsley, Fulham
0 – Coventry City, Millwall, Reading, Bristol City, Blackpool

One can only ask what is Sky Sports fascination with Blackburn Rovers?

Now I’m not sure if clubs get a fixed amount each season, from Sky, or whether it is paid out on a game-by-game basis, if anyone knows then please enlighten me.

But when it comes to Luton and considering our record when our games are shown live, are we better served by not being selected as often as others?

Please feel free to have your say and leave your thoughts in the comment facility beneath this article.


Luton v Bournemouth?

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Bournemouth to Win!

Bournemouth to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Jim says:

    I’m guessing it’s cos they’re on a run and scoring loads. TV producers look to the recent past for an indication of what the future will bring when it comes to selecting matches outside the top of the prem.

    Sky, BT, Amazon, international broadcasters, and even the beeb and ITV all ruin football. I wouldn’t care less if no Luton game was ever televised live unless we weirdly found ourselves back in non league and playing against a championship or Prem team in the FA Cup. Remember the tv companies not showing us beat Norwich? Just like they screwed Kiddie this weekend? Sods. That’s where the romance of the cup is. Not Moan U v Villa. And not Hull v Everton or Millwall v Palace.

    3pm Saturday should always be our weekend games. Sunday 1230 was a pain last week. And Saturday 1230 this week is even worse. And for what? So a few stay at home fans of both clubs can watch it? Or a few ex pat fans on Sunday. Only a glutton for punishment watches those games of they’ve no skin it them.

    The sooner we get back to the hierarchy of fans being:
    1st Goes every home and away game
    2nd Goes every home and a decent chunk of away
    3rd Goes every home game
    4th Goes 10-15 games a season
    5th Goes 1-10 games a season
    6th Only watches their team on telly
    7th Watches any old shite match on telly

    The better. Sure there’d be less money in the game. But players and coaches would still want to work in their profession.

    And most importantly, “legacy fans” would be treated with the respect their time and money deserves. As it stands, the hierarchy is pretty much the reverse of that, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to support a premier league side.

  • Ken Stanford says:

    I won’t give sky any money directly so they need not show any Luton games as far as I am concerned . I will read the BBC text and score updates

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