Luton – 2022/2023 Championship Fixtures – A Few Thoughts

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The wait is finally over, and we now have access to the Hatters fixtures for the 2022/2023 Championship season.

Now I’m not going to list each and every game, the complete fixture list can be accessed via The Official Luton Town Site.

Instead, I thought I’d offer a few of my own thoughts on how the fixtures have panned out.

I’m pleased that our first game is a home game, there’s nothing better than opening a campaign on your own patch and as for the opponents, I’ll take Birmingham City any day of the week.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was desperate to know when the two fixtures against our local rivals, Watford, were.

Our first tussle with the Hornets, is at Vicarage Road, on 22-October. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if our ticket allocation is miniscule.

The reciprocating fixture comes on 01-April, a time of the season when promotion aspirations are at the forefront of our thoughts, wouldn’t it be marvellous to take six-points off them!

Also, just a thought, I wonder how many times they will have changed their manager by the time our paths cross in the April fixture?

One downside of the forthcoming season, to me, is the break, for the Qatar World Cup, let’s just hope that any momentum we’ve established isn’t lost.

Our last fixture of the season, sees Hull City visit us, on 06-May, anyone predicting a promotion party?


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  • Danny says:

    pleased to see we start and finish the season at home again like last season, hopefully another 6 points.
    w*tford visiting on April fools day is apt though both fixtures will most likely be moved from Saturday to Sunday noon and wouldn’t be surprised to see the QPR midweek away game also moved.
    Huddersfield away on NYD is ??


  • Richard says:

    I have for several seasons been concerned about the illogical schedule fixture list, albeit this latest is for LTFC is not so bad for once but, Preston North End away midweek? Why? Situated where we are in the country many of our opponents are within reasonable travelling distances so why PNE midweek? Its not only LTFC I ask this question on behalf of, just look through the EFL fixtures; there are some that are absolutely ludicrous. Do us fans not count? Time off work, loss of pay or holiday entitlement, often for two days because of time arriving back home in the small hours. Getting to your own front door at 3 o’clock or later once the coach or train has brought you back from Carlisle or Exeter, Newcastle or Swansea on a Tuesday night and dropped you off – you still have to get home from the station or pickup point is not much fun – its exactly the same for the likes of Middlesbrough and Plymouth, Blackburn and Sunderland; if they had to visit us midweek, imagine how their fans would feel. I know Its not happening this season but, it has in the past and there are several instances now in the latest EFL fixtures. Its time a stand was made and not only for the 72 league clubs but the National League as well.

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