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Luton 0 Sheff Utd 0 – View From The Bench

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The two recent home games have seen the Hatters harvest just a single point from a possible six.

But after the humiliation of being beaten 5-0, at home by Birmingham City, the 0-0 draw against Sheffield United could be perceived as some kind of progress.

But, with our form being best described as faltering, after the bright opening day performance, Nathan Jones certainly has a lot to think about as we head towards the first international break of the 2021/2022 season.

Talking to the local media and as reported by The BBC, Nathan Jones had this to say:

“I felt we were the better team – they had more possession than us but it was all in front of us – and then we had the better chances.

“They’ve got some wonderful players and have been either a top two Championship side or a Premier League side for the last three seasons, so it shows that we are competing.”

Sorry Nathan but ‘have been’ sums it up perfectly, Sheffield United are a team on the slide, they have only taken 2 points so far this season and have managed to score just the 1 goal in the Championship. They were, quite honestly, there for the taking.

Continuing, Nathan further added:

“We’re constantly punching above our weight and to respond in the manner we did after taking a few punches on the chin this week, I’m really proud of that group.”

It would not be a post-match interview if Nathan did not mention the ‘punching above our weight’ line, but he is, as we know, perfectly right and after the 5-0 drubbing of last week, the team did well to offer a response of some kind, especially in the pandemic driven circumstances all clubs are currently abiding by.

Blackburn awaits us next, a difficult ground to go to against a decent side.


Blackburn Rovers v Luton Town?

Blackburn to Win!

Blackburn to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

Luton Town to Win!

A Draw!

A Draw!

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  • Chris winter says:

    Morning mh, I don’t know about you but Nathan’s after match briefings are beginning to grate on me full of rubbish. We did look better but pelly is still off the pace and doesn’t deserve a place in the team at the moment. And neither does rea. Yet he persists in playing them. We all know we have injury an covid problems but sorry for me team selection at the moment is rubbish. With the break now hopefully things will improve. An with one more signing by Tuesday. After the break we will improve.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Let’s hope so Chris, two hard away fixtures next, Blackburn and Bristol City. Why does Carlos Mendes Gomes not get any action?

      • Chris winter says:

        Sorry mh, it baffles me as well the boy can score from outside the box. Something we’ve lacked from our forwards. An there are others as well deserve more game time if fit we know who they are!!! But as I’ve said team selection is crap.

  • Alan says:

    I’m pretty sure lansbury, Jerome, Clarke and Bradley would all be involved if available….nj is getting stick for picking what he can….if/ when all the squad are fit I would agree he is calling it wrong….the midfield is struggling but there ain’t much choice at present….Chris has your contact not informed you of the injury situation….I’m hearing today the club are working f**King hard to bring at least 1 midfielder in…and to all the pelly knockers he is playing with a injury too, as is Naismith which is due to necessity…..let’s stop the moaning and groaning and see where we go with a FULL squad….

  • Chris winter says:

    No Alan, he never discussed who’s injured just who we are trying to sign. Why then isn’t gomes being given the chance if the club was so keen on him? He’s supposed to be an attacking midfielder. And I said at the end of my post after the break hopefully injuries permitting we will improve. With the players we have!!!!

    • Alan R says:

      Hi MH After last week I was quite happy to keep a clean sheet yesterday. It will interesting when we have a full squad to pick from – thing will be getting the selection right,then it will be down to NJ to earn his corn As for saving our bacon against Blackburn , wasn’t it at K R ?

  • Alan says:

    Chris the end of your post said “team selection is crap” ….I was shown today a list of injuries and covid related problems players have had or have, to be honest I’m surprised we are getting an eleven on the pitch let alone subs…..by the way gomes has had a slight groin strain…..

    • Chris winter says:

      OK so the problem is worse than its being broadcast. Which I understand why but what are fans supposed to think of they don’t know? They go on what they see nothing else I’m no different if I don’t have the inside info

  • Alan says:

    Get that, but surely some common sense would be a clue as to why some players are missing…to be fair NJ has stated the sick list he has/had and he has been lambasted for saying so…think this 2 week break will be massively beneficial…

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