Date: 12th December 2013 at 5:56pm
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Yesterday, our former boss Richard Money had a pop at his former club.

It`s fair to say that it was more than a friendly dig with Money remarking,

“The team we are talking about, has an average gate of 6,500 and pay their players League One salaries.

”They`ve gone 14 games unbeaten. Well done, but you are just doing your jobs.”

“Finally they have got up to two points a game, but they are all getting paid a fortune.”

Now John Still could have gone on the attack and told Money a home truth or two but our gaffer is more refined than Money and when asked about those barbed comments, simply replied,

“I find it really interesting Richard Money`s comments, why would he talk about Luton?”

“I don`t talk about Cambridge and where they are, I never talk about other teams.”

“So I find it quite surprising that he would comment on Luton.”

Well if you won`t tell him John I will.

Money keep your snout out, you had your chance of making Luton a success, but you failed!