Date: 1st December 2019 at 11:23am
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Was it just one of those days or was it a day we were always destined to have, taking into consideration the kind of form we’ve been in and the lacklustre displays we’ve witnessed?

Whatever the answer it is fair to say that the 7-0 thrashing will remain long in our minds and the call for action to be taken, on social media, continues to grow.

After the game, and as we’d expect, Graeme Jones faced the media and, as reported by The BBC
had this to say:

“Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We were fragile defensively and attacked with no intensity. We just collapsed and I have told the players that.

“I was so embarrassed with that performance. I feel sorry for our supporters. They travelled in numbers and I need to apologise for that performance.”

But does an apology cut the mustard?

Was what we saw indefensible?

Continuing, Jones added:

“We have to make sure this is never repeated again. They have to man up and get on with it; they have to take responsibility for their performance.”

An interesting choice of words, shouldn’t it be Jones that takes responsibility, after all, he selected the side and deployed the tactics?

As for the social media, it’s not hard to find posts that cover just how the supporters feel about the heavy defeat with the below being a fair illustration:

However, it is our duty to cover both sides of the story, although we had t dig deep to find somebody willing to stick up for Jones:

But perhaps our last social media comment addresses the situation perfectly:

A fair comment would you say!

Please feel free to leave your viewpoint, on what has been an awful weekend for the Hatters, in the comment facility beneath this article.

After That 7-0 Drubbing At Brentford Should Jones Be Axed?





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4 Replies to “Jones Talks About Embarrassment As Hatters Crash To A 7-0 Defeat At Brentford”

  • League 1 here we come. Jones says its the players fault, as it was same team, same tactics. Bringing on a left back and right back when we are losing 5.0, what is the tactics behind that.Get real if it wasn’t for Shea Leeds would have won by 4 or 5 . As for Charlton, we did look ok at times, but this was there 2nd string line-up. Tuesday meerly papered over the cracks. Ive said before Izzy is a good player but he is not the man for a relegation fight. Jones seems to think he is the saviour. Lets see what tactics he tries against Wigan if Izzy isn’t fit. If we dont WIN saturday then, he has to go. Better still get rid now. I love my team and i dont like someone making a joke out of them.

  • we need a undecided poll as that’s what I am, I’m prepared to sit on the fence see what he brings in Jan after all still lots of games to go and only one objection now to avoid relegation. I think so far the players he has bought in are mediocre at best and find it hard to believe what I’m watching atm to seasons gone bye. I thought we would be mid table before the season and maybe we still will.

  • Jones has had longenough to sort out the issues he has brought in players that quite frankly have not cut the mustard at this level the board need to act now before it becomes even more embarrassing than it already is he can not keep making excuses for his inept managerment skills and blaming his players he needs to man up or ship out

  • Of course Jones will blame the players they pick the tactics an who plays. He is only there to motivate them!!! All players can have an off day when nothing comes off for them. But all 11 players on the same day come off it. Its down to the manager full stop earlier in the season it happened to them but the manager has since got them back. Can Jones do the same no

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