Date: 25th March 2020 at 3:14pm
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The effects of the COVID-19 virus continue to affect us all.

I doubt whether there is anyone out there who doesn’t know somebody who has been financially affected as companies lay people off or ask them to work from home on reduced salaries.

The virus has seen companies suffer from reduced revenues and football, especially in the EFL are no different.

With no revenue coming through the turnstiles, allied with revenue from other Match Day ventures, we are in unprecedented times.

Already there is talk of, if financial help isn’t forthcoming, of clubs going bust.

As the realisation starts to hit home that the EFL won’t restart at the end of April, clubs are having to cut costs and one such step is to reduce the wage bill.

To that effect, Luton Today are reporting that the Luton Town CEO, Gary Sweet, is reticent that the cuts could include the players, at Kenilworth Road, taking a pay cut with Sweet quoted by our source as remarking:

“It has to be. I feel sorry for our players because they’re not the heaviest earners in the Championship, by any means.

“But I think everybody – myself included, all the way down – everybody’s got to contribute to this situation.”

Indeed, they have, it is only fair that everybody leads by example if our club is to flourish once this nightmare is over.

Continuing, Sweet further added, as reported by our quoted source:

“I think it’s fundamental that, when industry stops almost in its tracks, like it does now, it’s quite clear that, due to no fault of our own, companies like ourselves, and many out there, just simply cannot afford to function.

“So there has to be some compromise from a lot of people, from within our organisation and all others, but I’m pretty sure there will be other clubs that will be asking their players and the PFA to help before we will, and probably to a much greater degree than we will, because previously we’ve spent sensibly.”

It remains to see how the players act as we all know Luton work on a tight budget and the players are not among the best paid in the Championship.

But, here at Vital Luton Town, I’m expecting them to lead by example, even more so when we all know their weekly salary is far more than many of us earn in a month.

There is a bright future once the horror of what is occurring is over but only if preparations and cutbacks, are made now.


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