It Should Always Be Luton Town

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Earlier last week, when news was a little scarce, I chose to feature a topic that could impact the club.

After reading that the Queens Platinum Jubilee could result in some places being granted City status, I asked, via the following article – could-the-unthinkable-happen – whether Luton Town Football Club could become Luton City Football Club if the town was graced with City status.

The article contained the following poll question:

Town Chasing City Status?

with two answers to choose from:

• Stay as Luton Town


• Change to Luton City

The article certainly stirred the emotions with one comment highlighting the feelings of the support perfectly:

“We don’t have to change our name to City in my opinion we were Luton town and still are Luton town and always be Luton town. No matter what the town status becomes.”

And that comment was reflected perfectly in our poll result with 88% of the votes cast going to the STAY AS LUTON TOWN option, if Luton is granted City status.

Some may say it is only a name, but to those that follow Luton it is more than that, it is our history and a moniker we are proud of, besides Luton City sounds like a train station does it not?


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  • hatter 75 says:

    Lets stick with Luton Town FC and Man of the Match this is what all real supporters want.
    Different subject what great signings hatters have made. A big striker with loads of experience and should provide that extra striking force we really needed . Also many new midfielders coming in. Is this because Pelly may be on his way out once his displays for Congo are over.

    One last concern, is only two experienced goalkeepers in the championship enough? I feel there be one more newcomer round the corner.


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