Date: 30th January 2021 at 11:02am
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Across the board, it has been the strangest transfer window I can recall.

Instead of the plethora of deals being announced, it has all been a little flat with clubs eager to hang onto their cash courtesy of the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Now whether, come the closing of the transfer window, on Monday, we will see a late flurry of activity remains to be seen.

Personally, I think it will all end with a damp squib.

But the one big question that the Hatters support are dying to see answered relates to the acquisition of a striker.

It has been a subject that has been openly discussed on this site by me and the readership.

However, the two biggest factors that influence a deal being gotten across the line are availability and cost.

While the clamour for a striker to be signed to assist James Collins has been ever-present, we are all realistic enough to acknowledge that there is no point in signing a striker just for the sake of it.

Any acquisition must serve a purpose and fill a void for seasons to come.

Therefore, with the transfer window set to close on Monday 1st February, I must ask the following question:

Will A Striker Sign Before The Window Closes?

Yes Luton Will!

Yes Luton Will!

No Luton Won't!

No Luton Won't!

Until the last few seconds of any wheeling and dealing are done, it will be interesting to see how this poll goes.

As far as the possible acquisition of a striker goes, please feel free to have your say, as the clock countdown continues, in the comment facility beneath this article.

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6 Replies to “It Is Now Or Never For Luton”

  • Hi mh, if njs to be believed he sees no need to strengthen the strikers an is happy with what he’s got. An doesn’t expect much business to be done now whether this is a bluff I don’t know. But he must be blind not to see a problem. Another midfielder isn’t needed

  • Hi all, I would still chuck pearson up front….a gamble I know but collo & cornick ain’t working…..hope I’m proved wrong later…

  • I think the problem is we are persisting with a striker out of form, Collins has two hatricks this season I believe? Other than that the return of goals is poor. I just think we need to give another striker a go, hylton or nombe or at least try to up top. Jones mentioned in a previous interview we were used to scoring goals in league 1-2 because we were better than other teams and we played two up top. It’s a higher level now, but at times we dominate teams and I don’t see why we don’t try for a run of games two up top together rather than accommodate the masses of midfielders we have. Norwich we played with one of moncur or cornick tucked in to support colins almost like a 2 and we won convincingly. We look so much better with two up, and more bodies in the box means more opportunities to cross to someone when Collins works back leaving no one in there or an out ball. Frustrated with Collins heavy touch and throwing his arms up constantly he needs time out.

  • Nathan, totally agree mate…collo is put if form and he isn’t getting the box enough…..he used to try and get in front of defenders but that’s lacking now….like the fella, but also think he goes to ground to stay too…having said that he may well hit a goal today that will hopefully restart his season….harry needs a goal big time too….coyh…

    • Hi Alan, I don’t know if you have heard a whisper. But I’m hearing that a young prem team striker is being looked at on loan. An tentertive inquiry for a couple of strikers one champ an div 1. Have you heard this?

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