It Appears Luton Town Was One TV Pundits Boyhood Team

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It has been one of those mornings.

I have sat patiently waiting for the action to begin and I have been surfing the net for something interesting and boy have I stumbled on something that fits that description.

Just flicking through some old YouTube footage, I found one that had Mike Newell and Jamie Redknapp staring at me.

Intrigued to know what it contained my inquisitive nature got the better of me.

Now, as far as TV pundits go, I have a lot of respect for Jamie Redknapp, to me, he speaks sense unlike some of the others that earn a wage patronising us and stating the obvious.

But when I clicked on the video and listened intently, I found out something that I never knew.

It appears that Jamie has a soft spot for Luton Town Football Club, click on the link and find out why:

I wonder if Jamie still looks out for how the Hatters are doing!


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