Date: 29th March 2015 at 12:29pm
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When John Still was awarded the ‘Freedom of Luton` having engineered our triumphant return to the Football League, I would never have dreamed I`d be penning an article like this.

But after losing six games on the trot and only winning one of the last eight, the Hatters train has well and truly come off the promotion rails.

Yesterday, at Northampton, there were mutterings of discontent from the Hatters supporters and I got the feeling that time could be running out for John Still.

There`s a famous saying associated with football management that suggests the only guarantee you`ll get from being a manager is the sack.

Eves-dropping on what was being said, as Luton slipped to another defeat, was the suggestion that John might have reached a level from which he can`t get higher, that the squad is in disarray, that we`ve too many loan signings – some of which don`t feature.

So, my big question for you to mull over is whether time is fast running out for John Still or whether we should all hang in there together and things will come good (eventually).