Date: 11th February 2020 at 11:53am
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A little something to ponder over!

Yesterday, an article we published – drowning-in-a-sea-of-negativity-its-time-for-the-under-fire-luton-town-manager-to-gamble-on-a-piece-of-positivity – attracted several comments.

One comment, from Alan, contained a line that touched on a very important scenario.

With, so it seems, the Hatters board unwilling to dispense with the services of Graeme Jones, due to, we believe, the final implications, it seems more than likely that Graeme Jones could still be in charge of the Hatters come the start of the 2020 / 2021 season.

With League One football likely to be on the menu and considering the dire season we’re having under the present incumbent of the managerial position, Alan asked whether the board, when considering Graeme Jones position, has possibly considered the fact that financial income could be reduced with some supporters not being prepared to purchase a season ticket for next season.

Although it has been, so far, a dire season, the Hatters support has still been phenomenal, with home crowds continuing to be in excess of 10,000.

But could we be approaching a time where some supporters are so fed up with what is occurring on the pitch they may not renew?

Will In Your View Season Ticket Sales Drop Next Season If Graeme Jones Is Still The Manager?







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45 Replies to “If The Luton Board Refuses To Take Action There Could Be Financial Consequences Down The Line”

  • While I understand that some people will be considering not renewal of there season tickets. I for one will not be stopping supporting my team. We have a hardcore support of around 8,000 ithink the rest are fairweather supporters. So short term there may be a financial problem. But with a nw stadium fit for purpose then I think we could have crowds of 11 to 13000 depending on the league we are in.

  • As one of the around 8000 hardcore supports, that also travels to every away game, I can’t see me not following the club, but feel very disappointed with the present management.
    all we keep hearing is stats, how well they do in training and how many meters they have covered, and that we will only get players in that have Championship experience.
    If that’s the case, then why do we have lower division coaches, I don’t recall Brabin coaching in the championship?
    I think the reality is, as long as we can’t afford to buy championship players, we must be at best a Div. 1 team.
    so Jones coming in as a coach from the higher levels indicates to me that he doesn’t have the knowledge of lower league players, we can only pick up players that are nearing the end of their careers or have had long term injuries, and as we know we have not had any luck with any of those so far.

    Never mind the stats, just stop conceding goals every game and we may have an outside chance.

  • We’re being told that Hylton is fully fit now, just lacking “match fitness”. Why on earth was he not on the bench on Saturday? We’re struggling to score and yet we had no strikers on the bench with Hylton and Elliott Lee nowhere to be seen. Lualua is a decent attacking wide player but not a goal-scorer.

    Collins is struggling manfully with no support. He needs help and having Hylton on the bench to bring on, even if only for the last 15 – 20 minutes, is essential now starting tomorrow. We can’t afford to wait another couple of weeks – decisive action is needed now.

    • Exactly my thoughts too. Hylton should be on bench and stick him on for 30mins or so if he’s not fully match fit.
      What about peter kioso he signed and is fit and ready.
      Don’t understand what the hell Graham Jones is doing.
      I’m not sure if he knows either

  • Just read gj report on where we are before sw. It’s just stats stats an lies. Big deal tunni ran his socks off. It’s matches that matter an managing games soothing gj is totally inept at!!!

      • Yes mh, apparently its how much running you can do on a training ground an stats. It would be funny but sorry if I don’t laugh. I’m just saddened at what our team boils down to under him. I actually feel like crying.

  • is it just me that s reading between lines of comments from Mr Sweet or is there another reason why no mention of Jones when talking about plans for future .Let’s face it season has gone let him dig his hole deep deep then no other fans will face Jones as there manager

  • I have implored you before, on here, to stop the negative anti management blogss, and support the team; this is what supporters do. You keep sowing the seeds of discontentment, and it’s poisonous. Does any one in football not think long term any more. We are not quite good enough at this level, it happens.

    If you can’t be supportive, perhaps it’s time to close this site down. It is so demoralising to keep reading this billious nonsense.

    • It’s not just us who are completely disillusioned with Graeme Jones, tune into the Luton Town Twitter account and see for yourself. If you don’t like what we print then don’t read it, it’s your choice! Perhaps, the truth hurts. Okay, we may not be good enough for this league but we could have made a far bigger fist of it.

      • OK Ray, so how many thousands of pounds has it cost you to support the town I make it over £10,000 pounds it’s cost me. To follow the team

      • Oh an another thing Ray. Its cost me 3 jobs to support my team!!! So don’t tell me I don’t support the team. Just cos I can’t support the manager who is incompetent

          • What a pathetic waste you are if you can’t say why we are wrong an you are right. Give us reason s why you think gj is doing a good job. If all you can say is we don’t support the team but don’t back it up. Then say nothing at all.

  • Danny if you read these blogs then you would see that we on here are the ones who have supported this club through think an thin many since the 50s.we have been from gateshead to Liverpool. Following our club. Have you done the same? We have every right to say it as we see it. If you don’t like it tough. Nobody has forced you to read this site. So go an support the team on the odd occasions you can be bothered to turn up

    • Calm down Chris you keyboard warrior you where did I say I thought GJ was doing a good job.

      Opinions vary in life Christopher…..

  • Oh an by the way Danny are you one of the 50,000 southern man utd supporters who only support their local team Co’s you can’t get a ticket to man utd games?!!!

  • Morning mh, do you notice the 2 dissenting voices on here love moaning at us but have not made 1 single point in defence of gj. Also they don’t read posts properly. As if they did they would see that mostly we don’t denigrate players as we don’t generally think it’s their fault.

  • On danny’s comments, we are all intitled to our opinions mate, if you think he is the right man 4 the job then thats up to you. The majority on here do not blame the players, a decent manager with this squad would win games….so have you say but dont slag others off for having there say…also if you think he is doing a good job, could you please try and explain his press call yesterday, as to me it was waffle. I dont care how many miles tunicliffe can run in 70 odd mins, its when he has a ball at his feet that matters..gj does not sound like a manager whos team is in the shite…

  • Omg, Alan an mh have you seen gj’s latest briefing in the luton news an I quote “the statistics say we won the game against Cardiff but we lost” for God’s sake you win by scoring more than the opposition. This guy has completely lost his mind and those who moan at us must be from the Faringdon Wingate the l an d

  • You are all making my point for me. I don’t want to be unpleasant or personal, but it always makes me laugh when people sitting at home, typing on forums, think that they know more than the professionals who live this every working day.

    It is typical football fan behaviour to call for the manager’s head when their team is underperforming, but some of us take a measured longer term view. There are a lot of complaints about the recruitment, but that is Mick’s responsibility; inconvenient for the Jones bashers. I don’t know whether or not he will succeed in the long term, but I do know that he needs to be given a good shot at it, not less than a season. It’s another curse of modern football that fans now expect the manager to be sacked every five minutes, when the team is not doing well.

    The tone of all this is what I object to; the headline on this article is hysterical, uninformed nonsense, who is the wrtiter to second guess 2020 and what they know, and are planning. If we go down, and Jones brings us back up stronger, and consolidates in the Championship, will you all be on here, saying ” I was wrong”?

    There are several things that I disagree with that Jones has done this season, and I get as frustrated as anyone, but sacking people is not always the answer. I am just sick of reading this tone of comment from fellow supporters, it helps no-one.

  • Thank you Danny for a reasoned response an excellent thoughts on where you are coming from. This is a forum for fans to give there opinions. When you write like that you get the respect that you deserve. If only you could have started like that. You would have got the replies like this. An I apologise for the remarks I made to your first comment

  • Danny, im writing this on my phone during my lunch break in my 12 hr shift started at 6am….u say give gj a chance..ok just a thought on many managers would be given time after losing 21 from 31 games…also the heading on this post was actually a question (raised by me) not a uneducated comment..

    • It says ” If the board refuses to take action”; refuses who exactly? You?

      Why should they do anything that they deem inappropriate, because someone on a forum demands it?

      Hope this clarifies my point.

  • Danny, 1 thing you say in your post I would take issue with mick is head of recruitment yes but are you seriously saying that gj does not have the final say about who he wants to sign. I would find that very strange as I know of no manager who would allow that.

  • No matter what our opinions, we are all making comments because we all care about Luton town FC.
    The frustration from supporters is obvious and can be seen and heard all around us at games home and away.
    Let’s hope we can get on a run and at least compete and try to void relegation, but I do think Jones has taken on more than he can handle, maybe its the fault of the board, I wouldn’t want him back, but a rookie Nathan Jones was a good punt, and it paid off., but this seemed doomed from the start.

    Everyone’s intitled to my opinion 🙂

    • People forget that in his first season, Nathan Jones was getting exactly the same comments that we are seeing now. therein lies my point; I don’t know if Jones will work out or not, but had the board “taken action” then, we would not have seen his success.

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