Date: 23rd July 2020 at 12:04pm
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I’ve got a bit of a sore head this morning!

Although I’d imagine I’m not the only Luton supporter with those symptoms.

I’m just glad that I’m off shift today and can relax and recall what was, in all honesty, a monumental night.

Has there ever been a more tense game?

I certainly can’t remember one especially with so much at stake.

I can’t help thinking what the odds would have been on Luton Town Football Club retaining their Championship status courtesy of a 3-2 win in a 5-goal thriller but with the Hatters goals coming from 2 own goals and a penalty.

Astronomical I’d imagine, probably akin to the odds given for the Hatters staying up when Graeme Jones was still in charge.

The axing of Graeme Jones and the appointment of Nathan Jones has been vilified and I’m sure when supporters are allowed back in the grounds, Nathan will be given a reception like none given before.

But it wouldn’t have been Luton, would it if they didn’t have to survive a nervous last ten minutes!

From the moment Blackburn made it 3-2, every second seemed like an hour, it was as if the final whistle was never going to come.

But it did and the emotions came flooding through with sheer relief that Luton Town had achieved something akin to the Great Escape.

However, last night was probably not just about retaining our Championship status, I’m of the belief it was far more significant than that.

Luton’s future depends on Power Court being built, if the club had of made a quick return to League One, I believe that project may well have been shelved, perhaps for a few years, perhaps for a decade, perhaps for ever.

Never has one win meant so much and I doubt whether it has ever been so welcomed by the Hatters support.

Thanks Nathan, you are a genius, you achieved the improbable, you gave us hope when it had been washed away in a sea of despair, you’ve given us our future back, once again, thanks.


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3 Replies to “I Believe The Win Last Night Has Far More Significance Than Just Ensuring Luton Town Remain A Championship Club”

  • Hi mh, I concur with you wholeheartedly. But sadly there are some delusional fans on twitter who are screaming we must sign cvc now. I have said on your previous post why this is. These delusional people really don’t understand what is going on with all clubs finances. It’s a fact probably players wages an transfer fees will drop. Only the very top players may escape. Clubs will now have to play within budgets to survive. We are lucky we now have that. 10 years ago or so we would have folded. Please let’s get real an be thankful. That we are still here

    • To have been relegated would have been a financial blow I’m not even sure we would have recovered from when it comes to our ambitions. Now we have consolidated our position in the Championship the finances will be adjusted accordingly, as they will in all leagues, hopefully Nathan can keep all those he wants, sell those he doesn’t and use the cash to build a solid team capable of more than holding their own next season. That being the case then we can all look towards the Power Court complex taking shape some time this decade.

  • Been a fan for nearly 55 years now and have seen plenty of highs ( and lows ) but last night has to be up there with the best of them. As stated, massively important financially to stay at this level. However, realistically, I don’t know if Power Court is viable in the current circumstances. As we all are aware retail is suffering badly and who wants office space ? Typical, in all those years there has been much talk of a new stadium and when it finally looks like coming to fruition, Covid comes along.
    It could only happen to Luton Town ! However, at the moment I am grateful for to things : 1, That the board took the bold step of re-appointing Nathan Jones- and I have to be honest, at the time I didn’t think it a good idea. 2. Just as important was the decision to play out the Championship and not take the route voted on by League 1 and 2 clubs. If that had happened we would have been down for sure.Take Care all you Hatters out there !

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