Date: 5th February 2019 at 5:43pm
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Have you, like me, worn a brand, spanking new pair of trainers to a match before and when you’ve got home looked down and gasped at what looks like a pair of trainers you’ve had for months.

Well, it appears that the likes of me and you have been going about it the wrong way and that we should follow the method employed by Pelly Ruddock:

Don’t worry about the ridicule, your trainers will be as fresh, when you get home, as when you left.

Mind you, it might be wise to take a spare couple of carrier bags with you in case one springs a leak.

But it appears my admiration of Pelly’s life rule #1 isn’t alone with several others, on social media, applauding the ingenuity of the man:

I wonder if Pelly has taken out a patent on his idea!


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