Date: 13th January 2020 at 3:28pm
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Every morning, arising before the sun has risen, I can’t help checking the football pages on the internet.

I desperately search for any news that might bring a wry smile to my face, those oft searched for words confirming that the Hatters have made a January transfer window purchase or, indeed, have managed to loan somebody for the remainder of the season.

But, unfortunately, any aspirations have yet to come to fruition.

With the transfer window having been open for two weeks, we’ve struggled to find any hint of speculation, relating to Luton Town, that could result in a deal being struck.

Unless something is going on behind the scene, a stalemate has been reached with any negotiations not having produced the results we’d hoped for.

Of course, I realise the Hatters don’t have the financial clout other clubs in the Championship have, that, I’m afraid, is the reality of the situation.

The gaffer confirmed just as much in the aftermath of the Birmingham City defeat, with Jones quoted by The BBC as having remarked;

“We’re under enormous financial restrictions in terms of attracting people to the football club and that’s the truth.”

Also, enticing somebody to join a team facing a relegation fight isn’t the most attractive selling point laid on the table during any negotiations.

But, with the transfer window open for another two weeks, let’s hope there is time to find a couple of players that can make that vital difference as we seek to retain our Championship status.

If not…………………………………

Well, sadly, we know what fate probably awaits us.

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11 Replies to “Hatters Struggling To Attract Players As The January Transfer Window Reaches The Halfway Mark”

  • Alan an I have discussed this as well. Gj says we can’t pay the wages of 3rd or 4th choice players at clubs. We’ll usually players in this position want to be in the shop window not playing in the under 23s. Also clubs who want them to move will support their wages so maybe players have a reason for not wanting to join us I wonder what that could be

    • Some very valid points there Chris. One thing I would like to say and that is the recruitment of new players has been very disappointing with most of the new recruits struggling for us at Championship level. Perhaps it might be better to stop trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear and confuse them with so many different permutations and team changes. Chris Wilder at Sheffield United is a classic example of how you can get a squad of honest players organised to perform in a positive and effective manner week in and week out, just by applying the basic principles of the game. Nothing too complicated attack as a TEAM and defend as a TEAM.

      • Hi Peter, I said before the season started that I felt that we needed continuity. Yes we needed to replace both full backs but I felt potts an senior could have been used. But as we know gj felt senior should be moved on. I also said an felt the Spanish coach should have been promoted to coach an mick as director of football. As then the team would have had a better start. Like charton did

  • Jones complains about the shortage of funds, but was has happened to the money we got for Justin, Stacey and compensation from Sunderland when they got Nathan Jones. Is it just the money or is it no-one wants to play for a boring manager who shows no enthusiasm or optimism, before, during or after games.

  • Geoff, you claim to be a luton fan yet so far, first of all you say nj went to Sunderland wrong!!! It was Stoke City secondly. You put a repeat of a previously posted question on here which I gave you a comprehensive answer too. So either you are just lazy an don’t bother to read these posts or a part time fan.

  • After Jones shock revelations about new transfers. Breaking news a player plying his trade in Scotland turns us down an a league1 player also doesn’t fancy it!!!

  • Hi lads, let’s just face it we probably won’t sign anyone maybe 1 loan that will be the rubbish standard of Bree and Jones will play him out of position, get a striker and play him in goal that’s the Jones way , this is where these Jones supporters are so naive they have one road in their head, “we have no money can’t blame Jones”, they don’t realise we have got better players than we think and some are clearly not up to it. I swear if we had a better boss he would use these players better and would be in 17th or 18th place maybe higher. As for Izzy we would be better with him back but not by much, the lad clearly has class but he hasnt been brilliant either and goes missing in games, is that going to make all the difference that Jones makes out, you need a player with fight and Izzy isn’t that type of player but he can make great assists, we need more than that to stay up though.

  • Hi Eddie, seems like you me an Al pretty much agree. We do have good players being ruined by gj. But as Al an I discussed on here izzy walks on water as far as gj is concerned an plays

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