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The landscape has changed dramatically since my father first took me to Kenilworth Road.

Climbing aboard the double-decker bus, in Marsh Road, it used to trundle the length of Marsh Road, along Leagrave Road and then into Dunstable Road before we disembarked outside F.W. Woolworth`s department store.

Jumping off the bus, leaving a smoke filled cavity behind, I was pulled along by my sleeve before crashing through the doors into the aforementioned shop. With a bag of pick-and-mix my pocket we were soon heading off up Kenilworth Road, joining the thong heading towards the ground.

A swift right turn at the top and we were soon heading down the narrow passage way behind the Bobbers Stand before both squeezing into the narrow turnstile entrances. Quite often I`d be asked to slip under the turnstile whilst my father passed a few silver coin under the wire with an acknowledging wink to the operator.

Once in the ground I`d be pushed to the front and squeezed in amongst the other youngsters, father keen for me to have a good view whilst he retreated up the wooden steps to join his friends.

I can remember watching the action through the gap at the top of the advertising hoardings and the rail that ran along the top. Everything seemed to happen so fast and the smells, especially for night games, lingered long in the memory.

Wonderful times, but now an age ago!

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