Date: 28th February 2020 at 9:04am
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Back in the days, not that long ago, when Luton Town couldn’t buy a win, especially away from home, it looked certain that our Championship tenure would end after just one season.

As a result, confidence in the ability of Graeme Jones to manage the Hatters was questioned.

This site was quite vociferous, via comments made by its members, that Graeme Jones wasn’t the man for the job.

A poll we conducted, relating to whether you believed that Graeme Jones could keep the Hatters in the Championship had an emphatic result with 88% opting for the NO option and just 12% opting for the YES option.

But, after the Hatters have beaten Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough and Brentford and losing to Charlton Athletic in their last four games, we’re interested to know if your view on whether Graeme Jones can, indeed, keep us in the Championship come May.

Therefore, what better way to find out than to ask for your views in a new poll whilst also inviting you to leave your views, on the subject matter, in the comment facility beneath this article.

After 3 Wins In The Last 4 Games We Ask The Question Again - Can Graeme Jones Keep Luton In The Championship This Season?







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5 Replies to “Another Chance For The Hatters Faithful To Express Their View On An All-Important Subject Matter”

  • Hi mh, if you look at the luton rue article I made a couple of points I will reiterate them. At the risk of getting abuse again by a couple of people. I said before the season started gj is not the right fit for ltfc. He has continued to spout nonsensical statistics at the press. No fan understands. He said statistically we needed 44 pts to stay up yet a report in luton today said a study by statistical anylists says luton will get 44 pts at the end of the season this will put us bottom of the league an relegated. We need 52pts to be saved. As gj’s so fond of statistics let’s see who is right!!! And no he won’t save us from relegation

    • My thoughts on Jones have not wavered, he’s not the man for the job, but I thought I’d throw it out into the forum again. If I recall right, 44 points has been enough to stay up in the last two seasons, I guess the Championship is so mediocre everyone is bunching up.

  • Hi all, im in agreement thst gj & gb are not the men to takes us forward, they may just manage to scrape enough points to keep us up, but it would only lead to another poor season if they are still here next term…but i will repeat what i have said previously bit the board need to shoulder the blame for employing an untried coaching team..i know everyone says whay great job they have done, but this appointment, im afraid has dented all their hard work. Just my opinion.

  • Hi Alan, as far as I can recall only 2 or 3 people have supported Jones on here. Most replies seem to be that there is no confidence in him or his back room staff. Just support for the players in difficult times. As for the board bad call but again after all they have done they have my support

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