Date: 6th October 2019 at 11:38am
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One point from the last six available isn’t the kind of return that the Hatters support were looking for.

Our recent form has seen the Hatters slip to eighteenth in the table with eleven points from eleven games, just three points off the relegation places.

Yesterday as the Hatters took on Derby County, it was a case, yet again, of individual errors costing the side dearly.

This time the Hatters slipped to defeat courtesy of two errors from our club-record signing, Simon Sluga.

The first, where he let a back pass from Matty Pearson under his boot and into the net was comical if it didn’t have a tragic outcome.

The second, where he was beaten by a shot from Tom Lawrence, put to bed any hopes the Hatters might get a point out of this fixture.

After the game, and as reported by The BBC, Graeme Jones had this to say about Luton’s latest disappointing result:

“The game was a 1-1 or 0-0 game. There’s very little difference in shots on or off target.

“We were beaten because of two goalkeeping errors which are basics of the game.

“I’ve given him my opinion at the end of the game because we’ve got 13 other boys who give their heart and soul, were mentally and physically really consistent having played three games in seven days.”

Has the time come to drop, even though he is our record signing, Simon Sluga and give James Shea another opportunity?

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17 Replies to “After Two individual Errors Does The Luton Boss Need To Act Swiftly?”

  • Hi mad hatter, I added a comment on this on your previous article. About she’s new contract please read it. And then you can reply if you think I’m wrong

  • Just can’t see what Luton saw in him to sign him! He has cost us around 17pts with his inept performances!! If he is not dropped now, I will have no more confidence in the manager from here on in!!

  • At the moment Sluga’s lapses of concentration far outway his athletic capabilities. James Shea has proven consistency the past two years and should be given another opportunity. Paul Dines.

  • Im sure he is a very good keeper, hence his international call ups but for what ever reason he is lacking confidence, it must effect everyone else on the pitch as well, he needs to be taken out of the firing line for a bit and give shea his chance after all he did little wrong last season.

    • Ive been saying this for weeks hes only still in team because he is 1 of jones signings and also cost alot of money!! He needs to be dropped now!! This league is hard enough as it without giving the opposition stupid goals week in week out …we as supporters spend alot of money travelling over the country we need to be rewarded with jones putting the best 11 on pitch something he is simply not doing

  • The writing has been on the wall for weeks. We have a keeper who got the golden hands for his performance in division one and some scouting team thought this £1.3 million goalkeeper was better????

    What are the goalkeeping coaches doing if they can’t see the lack of confidence in the faces of the back four?
    This goalkeeping poor performance has not only just happened. What do the large team who are supposed to analyse the team results do if they can’t see what the majority of knowledgeable supporters can see week after week. Swallow your pride give Shay the gloves and let Simone watch from the bench and learn how championship teams play whilst the coaching team concentrate on rebuilding play his confidence and skills .

  • Bit late for you lot to complain. Ask mad hatter I told him this would be the result. Both about the keeper an manager. An that was at the beginning of the season. So if people had listened to me. Instead of lambasting me as a downer. You would have expected this

  • Mad hatter isn’t it a bit late for this to be a pertinent question. He should have dropped him 4 or 5 games ago. As I said Jones is a very nieve manager. And won’t listen to voices of experience.

  • It can’t go on
    The goalkeeper coaches must see that he is not ready for this level, he has no confidence or presence in the box. Every time the ball comes near him, he’s on edge.
    We can see it, by their reactions, the players can see it, why can’t the management?
    The team are working hard as it is to compete at this level, and to have constant errors by Sluga, not once, not twice, but almost every game is not acceptable.
    We had the same issue with Stech, it wasn’t until he was dropped that we started to get consistency.
    Get Shea back in goal before it’s too late.

  • Yes definitely get Shea back. Slugs needs to go to Specsavers. Butterfield needs to be back in the midfield a hard grafter.

  • I have to say he has never impressed me, although an international.
    Perhaps give someone else a chance and let simon be put back into traning/tuition.

  • Every word Mad Hatter has said, I agree with. Someone said the goalie needs to go specsavers! Well, he’s not the only one!!! There has got to be change!!!

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