Date: 30th November 2019 at 5:31pm
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This afternoon, 1630 Hatters fans descended upon Griffin Park keen to see if their side could build on the fine 2-1 midweek win against Charlton.

To say they left this part of West London disappointed is an understatement.

The Hatters were woeful, thrashed 7-0 by a side that were, before the game started, lying in eighth place in the Championship.

The damage was done in the first forty-five minutes when the Hatters, showing a remarkable inability to get a challenge in, conceded FIVE goals.

The side were marginally better in the second half but crumbled once again to concede to more goals, making it a magnificent SEVEN for our hosts, Brentford.

It was painful to watch and those who stayed until the end deserved better.

But the icing on the cake was surely the inability of the boss to acknowledge those that had spent their hard-earned cash following the side, something that has been picked up on social media, with the following just two examples:

These are times for the Luton support and as The Stranglers once sang back in the heyday of punk, ‘Something Better Change’ a new manager perhaps!

After That 7-0 Drubbing At Brentford Should Jones Be Axed?





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9 Replies to “After a SEVEN-NIL Thrashing The Boss Delivers A Massive Snub To Hatters Faithful”

  • what a load of crap glad I didn’t go today Jones has to go it’s just getting worse,we don’t deserve to stay up after today’s performance

  • After our 7-0 trashing, how come we have got an under manager, not proven, to take us into this league. Sack him tomorrow. Jones is a very good talker but he cant put it into action. Bring back the old Jones.

  • I suggest you read my comments on the previous post I wrote at half time an a little latter. Mad hatter the things I was told about him at his other clubs. Have proved to be right arrogant an dismive of others who disagree. I was prepared to give him the benefit but no more enough is enough he has to go. I even revise my opinion an would take Nathan back now. I wish I had been more forthright an said what I knew then when I was getting flak as being a downer. I wish I had been wrong. But I am being proved right

      • Hi mad hatter, you say it’s not to late to save our season. Sorry but I have to disagree. As I have said in previous posts our board is very unlikely to sack Jones yet. They will try to give him until early next season as they don’t want to admit they got it wrong. The only way they will sack him is if he has lost the dressing room an they tell the board

  • Along with the poor management, the players have to take responsibility.
    What chance have we got when we give teams a head start with sloppy play, giving away goals, and it seems to happen every week.
    We started well today on the front foot pushing Brentford back into their half, making them defend, then another moment of poor defending, and we are a goal down.
    Now it’s us that’s having to franticly defend, and as we now know, we can’t do that very well.

    The win over Charlton in the week was just papering over the cracks.
    I don’t have the answer to our predicament, but I do know its time for our management to accept that they also don’t have a clue.

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