A Top Ten List Of Luton Town Goalkeepers

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Recently, following the conclusion of the 2023/2024 season, I asked a prominent question relating to Thomas Kaminski.

I asked – if-it-isnt-thomas-kaminski-who-is-it – relating to our best ever goalkeeper.

It was rightly pointed out that if anyone is to be considered a legend, or best-ever, in a position, then perhaps the qualifying criteria should include playing for the club for more than just the one season.

But that, in itself, is a debatable subject.

However, the article did generate a fair few comments indicating which of our long line of goalkeepers you thought was our best ever.

With this being the case, I thought I’d put the cat among the pigeons and list my own top 10 Luton Town goalkeepers, with the list being as thus:

1 – Les Sealey
2 – Milija Aleksic
3 – Thomas Kaminski
4 – Jake Findlay
5 – Andy Dibble
6 – Jurgen Summer
7 – Keith Barber
8 – Tony Read
9 – Ian Feuer
10 – Mark Tyler

Now, you may have noticed that I’ve not included the likes of Ron Baynham and Bernard Streten, purely because my list contains only those keepers I have seen perform, in the flesh, for the Hatters.

Is it a list you would concur with, or have I missed someone out (probably) that you would have included?

Please feel free to have your say in the comment facility beneath this article.


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