Date: 21st July 2020 at 8:17am
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I’m back in the saddle and what a time to climb back aboard after what can only be described as a medical necessity, a holiday!

In what has been the craziest of seasons and with just one game to go, I’d say there is a damn decent chance of Luton Town Football Club retaining their Championship status.

Back in the last days of the reign of Graeme Jones does anyone believe that would have been possible!

Years ago, I can recall glancing at the row of papers adorning the newspapers adorning the newsagents counter looking to see what outrageous headline graced the front page of the now defunct Daily Sport.

My favourite just has to be:

“Double-Decker Bus Found On The Surface Of The Moon”

But if the aforementioned paper was still going back in the dark days of Graeme Jones reign perhaps an equally daft headline may have been:

“Luton Boss Convinced Hatters Can Stay Up”

Thankfully, steps were taken to rid the club of Graeme Jones and Nathan Jones stepped into the vacant seat.

The rest that say is history.

Luton’s form has improved, the team looks confident, there is solidarity about them and the ‘Great Escape’ could well be achievable.

I doubt there has ever been a last day of a season where there are so many connotations relating to who may stay up and who may go down.

The supporters of Hull City, Barnsley, Luton Town, Charlton Athletic, Birmingham City, Middlesbrough and Wigan Athletic are all set for the most nervous 90 minutes of their lives.

The fact that the last round of games will all be played behind-closed-doors makes the angst even greater, not being there to be able to cheer your side on in their hour of need hurts and it hurts badly.

All we can do is hope Luton can get the win, against Blackburn Rovers, that I believe, will ensure Nathan Jones side will be playing second-tier football next season.

One Game To Go Will Luton Town Stay Up?





Gawd Knows!

Gawd Knows!

Now, back to the opening gambit, did they ever find that double-decker on the surface of the moon?



17 Replies to “A Double-Decker Bus Found On The Moon, Luton Town Staying Up, Don’t You Dare Discount Either”

  • With all the stories going around at the moment stating that Wigan will not be deducted points until next season it is hard not to be downcast BUT we must have faith in the boys and believe that we’ll be o.k. particularly if we act according to the tenets laid out by John Still. CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLES. COYH

  • Hi all, mh you can take Wigan Sheffield out of the equation. Because as I forecast the F. A. Has done exactly what I forecast an any points deduction will be given next season fact. I told you all they hate luton as much as Millwall. Now the facts are if we. Can win tomorrow then Charlton Middlesbrough an Birmingham who are all away give us a 3 to 1 ratio on at least one of them losing so for me now. As long as we win we will stay up an f***k the F. A.. I’m sure you’ll agree those are good odds. An Nathan is not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy lol

  • Hi all, hear Wigan are going to court to stop the F. A. Deduction at the end of the season. And till after the verdict of the appeal. So what do you think the F. A will do!!!!

  • Hi mh, but seriously does luton home form worry you as much as it does me an alan. We hope that we can overcome this problem but on the day will we freeze or can we have an antic moment

    • it does, I too would prefer it to be away, but I’m at a loss to establish why our home form is so poor behind-closed-doors. Perhaps we shOuld pipe the home support noise over the PA, but not sure if it is allowable. Blackburn are no mugs, they’ll cause us trouble, we need to play well and make no mistakes, but are we up to it? Where will a match-winner come from?

  • Looking at the possible team I would like to think maybe Lee mpanzu Berry or moncur could do it. With 3 of them being badly treated by the former management. That would be a slap in the face for him or even rea that would be nice.

        • Let’s hope we’ve not got a one-goal lead and need to win with 10 mins to play, not sure my heart would take it!

          • Hi all, the league bosses that be will not help at all and I hope they don’t have to…our home form is a worry, but it does have to change at some point, so tomorrow will do very nicely …

  • Hi all, well its do we go or shall we stay day, as the stranglers said. Also see Nathan says if we get relegated then some players may have to go out of those out of contract. Now I wonder if the rest of you feel that if we had started the season with a different manager would we have been in this position. My feeling is that with these same players we would have been in a comfortable place now. And that the current team with 2 more defenders would do just as well next season if we survive. What do you think

    • Current form proves we would have finished mid-table let’s hope we get the chance to show that next season

  • Hi mh, yes currently form says that. But the players being used now were there at the start but not being utilised. So would you want to keep Berry Lee moncur lua lua rea if you could?

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