Date: 29th September 2011 at 4:38pm
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I know it may seem a long time ago when televised football was confined to highlights programmes on BBC and ITV at the weekend, but they were, in my opinion, wonderful times.

As a youngster I can recall wandering up Kenilworth Road and catching a glimpse of the television vans parked at the top of the road.

In those days, when we languished in the lower divisions, the appearance of a television crew at Kenilworth Road was something of a rarity. I can recall being so excited that the Hatters were to be on television, albeit highlights, I was determine to race up the Kenilworth Road terrace to peer over the back to see whether it was to be covered by the BBC or Anglia TV.

Unfortunately, as I raced up the terrace I forgot to duck low enough to avoid one of the many crash barriers and ended up a bloody mess lying on the concrete steps. Cue, quite quickly, a plethora of St John`s medical staff gathered around me who helped me onto the side of the pitch before leading me along the side of the Maple Road Stand and then down the coveted players tunnel.

From what I recall, it was still a good hour before kick-off but the medical staff was having huge problems stopping my nose from bleeding and before long I was surrounded my medical staff from the football club itself.

Crouched in this little room I could quite distinctly hear the players getting ready in an adjoining room, to this day I can still smell the smell associated with a dressing room, the deep heat and other ointments used to nullify pain and tone the muscles up.

Still the subject of some attention, I could make out the players leaving the dressing room and then hear the roar of the crowd as they emerged from the tunnel. I`d been receiving attention for close to an hour, my t-shirt was a red shroud and now they were talking about contacting my parents.

But, thankfully, the bleeding did stop and I was ushered back to the Kenilworth Road terrace by an obliging policeman, although I can remember getting some weird looks from the crowd who must have thought I`d been involved in some major crime incident with my claret t-shirt.

Needless to say, the next time I spotted a television camera on the gantry slung under the roof of the Maple Road Stand, I was in no rush to peer over the back of the Kenilworth Road terrace to see who it belonged to – I`d learned my lesson!

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